About Us


Our Story

It started about 45 years ago when Marv started taking photography in college as his art course. Drawing for him wasn’t an option but he could take wonderful photos. He has been snapping pictures since then. From film to digital.  Myself, I received a digital camera about 20 years ago as a Christmas present, and after 4 different camera’s, from my Dimage, to my current camera, a Canon D60. Marvin has been my teacher and guide while learning to take photos.

We travel with our dog Troubles, who earns her name well.  She is a “McNab” rescued dog and is 11 now.


Our Approach

We pride ourselves in not applying any post-processing on the photos. Photos speak to different people in different ways, it is truly in the eye of the beholder.  Please take a minute or two and check out our photos.  Thank you.